New Sketch with Centerlines

수정된 날짜:: 8월 15,2017  
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설명:I'm constantly using the infinite length center lines in sketches and it's annoying to create them every sketch so I wrote this macro. Now I select the plane or face that I want to sketch on in my model and I press the hot key. A sketch is created with horizontal and vertical infinite length center lines.
    전제 조건: 1. Open Part in Solidworks 2. Select a datum plane or a planar surface you want to sketch on
  사후 조건: 1. New sketch created on the select plane/face 2. Horizontal and vertical infinite length center lines coincident with origin created in sketch
SOLIDWORKS 버전: Unknown
프로그래밍 언어: SW_VBA


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Jake Carr

가입 날짜: 2017-02-15
제목: Engineer
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